When you are on stage, the stage lights will wash out your color and definition. You need to be dark to accentuate your muscle definition.  If you are an African American woman or have very dark skin, you  will want a  coat of tan to even out and brighten your color.

Fitness competitors often use spray tans to help enhance muscle definition. Muscles appear more prominent on darker skin tones than on lighter skin tones.

Stage lights are bright (which washes out the skin and muscle definition). In order to combat that, competitors often darken their skin with spray tans.

A spray tan helps competitors to look leaner. The darker tone of the skin draws the eye toward toward the abdomen. This occurs on all body types!


   (Dance, Cheer, Competitions, Pageants)

Using Competition Color

  • One Single Full Body Session                      $80

  • Two Full Body Applications                          $120​

  • Three Full Body Applications                       $150

  • Backstage Finishes and Touchups*             $35

*Must be within the Kansas City area.

*Only $25 if I'm already working with other athletes at the same show.

*Back stage finishes include: any tan touch-ups, bikini bite, and show shine or muscle juice.

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