We all love having the natural glow of a great tan, but we know too well that too much sun on our skin can create a variety of serious health issues, as well as premature aging, sun spots, and wrinkles. Who wants that?! I specialize in customizing the perfect color to match your natural skin pigment, giving you that glow you are looking for without all the health risks. 

Our plant based blushtan® solutions contain all natural, anti-aging ingredients that help to moisturize the skin and minimize the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles. These ingredients will also work to reduce inflammation and redness caused by acne, sunburn, eczema and psoriasis.


blushtan® products were specially designed to alleviate dry skin, allowing the sunless tan to set and fade evenly. All solutions contain no oil or alcohol, so they won’t dry out the skin, clog pores or cause breakouts. They are also paraben-free, vegan, gluten-free, fragrance-free, and approved by dermatologists nationwide. Not only are the ingredients top-notch, but we are also proud to offer a product line that provides the ability to easily mix over 100 different colors, meaning a much more customized experience. Gone are the days of worrying that spray tanning will only result in a “fake” (or dare we say “orange”) look, and a simple application method for its application that provides flawless, glowing skin every time.

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All of our tans are custom mixed based off a client's desired look & their natural skin tone.
Each tan comes with a PH-balancing priming spray that hydrates the skin, helps the tan last longer & fade evenly.
Each session is completed with custom blending and finished with our quick-dry finishing powder to alleviate stickiness & bronzer transfer!


20% off New Clients


Single Membership: $36/mo

Double Membership: $68/mo

Unlimited Membership: $90/mo



20% off New Clients

Single Membership: $44/mo

Double Membership: $83/mo

Unlimited Membership: $110/mo



+$8 per tan to upgrade to Super Express​

20% Savings

You will receive the following:

  • Pre-wedding Consultation

  • Pre-wedding Trial Session

  • Customized Wedding Tanning Session​​


We recommend:

  • Trial tan be booked 2 weeks prior to the wedding day tan.

  • Wedding day tan should be booked 2 days prior to your  wedding date!


36 /ea 

+$8 to upgrade to Super Express​

20% Savings

​Bring in your bridal party for your bachelorette party, bridal shower

or the wedding day!


  • Must call to schedule this service in salon. Mobile service appointments for groups of 4 for more, also available.


  1. Be sure you schedule any mani or pedi at least 24 - 48 hours before tanning.

  2. Waxing or sugaring is best done a minimum of 48 hours prior to ensure all residue is off the skin.

  3. Exfoliate 24 hrs before appointment 

  4. Shave at least 24 hrs prior to appointment.

  5. Shower at least 4 - 24 hrs before appointment. Do not use any body washes or lotions that contain fragrances or mineral oils as they can affect the result. This would include washing your hair.

  6. Avoid any lotions, deodorant, perfumes, and oils on the skin



  1. Upon arrival, we will have you fill out a consent form and sign our wavier. 

  2. We start by assessing the skin to determine your skin tone and the condition of the skin, noticing any dry spots or concerns.

  3. We will select the best pH spray and select one of our paraben-free solutions. 

  4. We will then airbrush the skin by hand and dry as we go. 

  5. You will have the option to apply a finishing powder to help with any tacky feeling.


  1. Non-rapid solutions can be rinsed after 8 hours.

  2. Rapid solutions can be rinsed within 2-4 hours. 

  3. After your waiting period, you can take a shower (warm water rinse only - no soap). After 24 hours, the tan is fully developed and you may shower as regular. 

  4. For long-lasting results, please refer to our after-care instructions.

  5. Please remember to HYDRATE & MOISTURIZE the skin at least twice daily for best results. 

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